Fu Kaisha


  • Looking at the sunset, the words of the monk’s old master came to mind: “Desire is the creator, desire is the destroyer, desire-lessness is liberation.” The monk had always found great comfort in these words, but now he had the nagging feeling that he hadn’t taken them to heart. He did indeed feel a strong affinity for the sunset, it was his desire to sit at dusk on the rock he always sat on and watch the dazzling display of colors as the sun sank into the ocean. The orange hues dancing on the waves gave him a sense of calm, very much in the same way that a deep trance of meditation gave him calm. Only, meditation brought him renunciation whilst the sunset gave him clinging. The monk felt a slight unease. Presently he reached into his old pouch he always carried with him and pulled out his Sennheiser HD-280 headphones, he put them on and with a nimble movement of his hands pressed play on his iPod. Instantly the deep bass lines and furious drum sequencing of Fu Kaisha filled his ears and mind. As the monk sat on his rock and watched the sunset as his brain danced he felt that all was being revealed: the duality of truth, the beginning and end of the cosmos, the way in which electronic music was bringing the global village closer to the ultimate moment of ecstatic being. He bobbed his head and his lips moved to form an almost imperceptible smile.
    Released on Möller Records