Intro Beats


  • His musical journey began at a very early age under the influence of his father, a jazz musician and composer. Inspired by the seemingly endless source of new directions in rhythms and sounds that was the UK Hardcore and Jungle scene he started DJ’ing and after a few short years the next step was inevitable.  Introbeats got his hands on his first beatmachine in 1998 and never looked back, although the turntables were never too far away. Today he’s best known for his production work with his rap group Forgotten Lores as well a producing and remixing for a host of Icelandic artists as well as a few foreign friends (most notably the Foreign Legion single “Burning Bushes” feat. Oh No). In the latest edition to his repertoire, Introbeats is going back in time to his electronic roots as well as peering into the future as he continues to develop his sound and experiment with new ideas in groove and rhythm. The instrumental expedition “Halftime” is what unexpectedly happened when nothing was supposed to happen and might just be Introbeats’ most innovative and exciting work to date.

    Released on Möller Records
  • The Reykjavík Grapevine
    “Surprisingly bouncy”
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