• The enigmatic veteran Icelandic producer Murya (Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson) has been hailed as one of the more interesting electronic music output in Iceland by many of his musical colleagues. After catching the attention of the French label Ultimae Records back in 2007 and featured on various electronic music compilations he started making further appearances in the Icelandic electronic music scene. In 2011 his debut mini-album entitled Crystalline Substances saw the day of light. With his finely programmed beats and dreamlike melodies he captivated the fans of melodic electronic music around the world. Alongside proving himself as a producer, he has become a master remixer for local musicians, including Ruxpin, Skurken and Asonat. In the near future we will witness his highly anticipated full-length album on Möller Records, alongside other various releases already in line.
    Released on Möller Records