Eisenbahn // Time

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  • Möller records presents a double single from Berlin based Icelandic producer Steve Sampling. Eisenbahn is house, its techno its even a little bigbeat, distoted and driving with a little acid on top. Time is more of your classic deep house cuts. Dusty,deep and fitted for the club. Originally produced in 2012, it’s finally getting released.

    Album Credits

    Released 9. February, 2017
    Cat nr: Helga055
    © Möller Records 2017


    All tracks written and produced by:  Stefan Olafsson Stefansson
    Cover by: Stefan Olafsson Stefansson
    Mastered by: Bob Macc at SC Mastering

    Album tracks

    1. Eisenbahn
    2. Time
  •  Steve Sampling is an Icelandic music producer active for well over a decade in the Reykjavik music scene. He moved to Berlin in 2015 where he continous to produce music and acts as one of the managers of Möller Records.

    Möller Records | https://mollerrecords.com
    Bandcamp | https://stevesampling.bandcamp.com/
    Soundcloud  |  https://soundcloud.com/stevesampling

Date: February 06, 2017