evolve by Bistro Boy


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  • evolve is a personal album about transition, changes and vulnerability. It’s my story, transforming emotions into music and dreamy soundscape and melodies, an emotional journey about finding hope, courage and love. This album is for Dean.

    Album Credits

    All tracks written & produced by: Frosti Jónsson
    Mixed by: Frosti Jónsson
    Mastered by: Frosti Jónsson
    Design by Bistro Boy
    Artwork by Brynja Harðardóttir Tveiten
    CAT: Helga089

    Track list:

    1. Waves Of Sorrow, 5:20
    2. Ecstasy, 3:57
    3. Emotions, 3:54
    4. Waltz With Me, 4:06
    5. Forgive, 4:36
    6. Finding Peace, 4:14
    7. Connecting Us, 5:12
    8. Feathers, 4:07
    9. Sunset Dust, 5:38

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  • Reykjavik based musician Bistro Boy (Frosti Jonsson) found his spiritual home in electronic music after dropping out of classical piano lessons, which liberated him from sticking only to black dots on paper. Bistro Boy has several releases under his belt that fall into categories of Electronica & Downtempo to Ambient & Pop, with the common denominator of creating melodic moments that take the listener on a journey of it´s own.

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    Broken (EP, 2019) with Bjartmar Þórðarson
    Píanó í þokunni (LP, 2018)
    Walk Away (feat. on Kristalsplatan by Páll Óskar, 2017)
    Open Doors (single, feat on Möller Records Compilation Album, Helga Vol.6, 2017)
    Svartir Sandar (LP, 2016)
    Memories (Single, 2016), feat. Edward F. Butler
    Rivers & Poems (EP, 2015), with Nobuto Suda
    Lovin´life (single, 2015) feat. Anthony Jackson
    Dagdraumaregn (Nýdönsk Remix, 2015)
    Hundslappadrifa (single, feat on Möller Records Compilation Album, Helga Vol.5, 2015)
    U-Bahn (single, feat on Möller Records Compilation Album, Helga Vol.4, 2014)
    Frozen Thoughs feat. Gísli Magna (Remix, 2014)
    Journey (LP, 2013)
    Sólheimar (EP, 2012)
    Motional (feat on Möller Records Compilation Album, Helga Vol.2, 2012)


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Date: January 20, 2020