Ingólfsstræti by Tank Police


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  • Tank Police debut album “Ingólfsstræti” is named after the street where it was produced, in an artist commune that resides between a Late night sing-a-long bar and a Hip Hop café, influenced by noises, loud drums and drunk people singing in falsetto the album crosses into the realms of performance art and avant-garde experiments. Tank Police has previously released the single Polivox

    Album Credits

    Released 10. October 2019
    Cat nr: Helga087
    All tracks written and produced by: Jóel Sigurðsson & Trausti Már Baldvinsson
    Cover by: Trausti Már Baldvinsso
    Cover photo by: Trausti Már Baldvinsson

    Track list:

    1. Mandarine
    2. Januar
    3. Nr. 4
    4. Las Palmas
    5. JetLord
    6. Gorbachev
    7. Velvet
  • When all else fails, send in the Tank Police. 

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Date: October 10, 2019