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  • This album is a collection of live recordings of improvised songs where Subminimal creates soundscapes and atmospheres that lies between ambient and meditating music. Sound sources range from samplers to synths and electric guitars.

    Intemperie inniheldur upptökur af lifandi Sveimtónlist þar sem Subminimal skapar sinn einstaka hljóðheim með hljóðsörpum, hljóðgervlum og rafmagnsgítar.

    Album Credits

    Released 17. August 2019
    Cat nr: Helga085

    All tracks written and produced by: Tjörvi Óskarsson.
    Cover by: Tjörvi Óskarsson
    Cover photo by: Sigurður Mar
    Mastered by: Frosti Jónsson

    Track list:

    1. Intemperie pt. 1
    2. Waves of sand
    3. An eternal wait
    4. Maskína
    5. Intemperie pt. 2

  • Subminimal or Tjorvi Oskarsson, has been making music for many years, but in the recent years his reputation has been growing in the local electronic music scene with more live performances and releases. His roots are in jungle and early drum and bass music and those influences cut through his music.

    His sound has been described as deep grooves with an ambient atmospheres. His first Ep “When and How” was released on Hidden Hawaii in 2011 reminding people of the source of Drum and bass. Early in 2012 he was contacted by drum and bass legend Justice to do a remix of “Touch Feel” taken from Justice and Metro “839″ album. Later in 2012 he released his EP “Microfluidics” on Icelandic Electronic label Möller Records.His remixing efforts on the track “Stofnar Falla” for iceland young and upcoming band Samaris has not gone unnoticed. “Subminimal’s version is a drum’n’bass opus reminiscent of Photek’s work in the nineties”, he is in the forefront of icelandic Drum and bass. He has previously released EP album Microfluidics (2012) & Sinian (2014).

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Date: August 17, 2019