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  • Kinematics is a collaboration project between two generations of Icelandic drum´n bass producers, Tranquil and Subminimal, and it covers the whole spectrum of drum´n bass and jungle, deep minimal halftime beats to breakbeat rollers with roaring basslines and everything in between.

    Album Credits

    Released 20. Maí 2020
    Cat nr: Helga092

    Tracks Written by Tjörvi Óskarsson, Arnar Grétarsson, Asmir Fazlovic
    Mixed by Arnar Grétarsson
    Mastered by Tjörvi Óskarsson
    Artwork Tjörvi Óskarsson & Blender Foundation – www.tearsofsteel.org
    Album Cover Design Tjörvi Óskarsson

    Track list:

    1. Reykjavík
    2. Amsterdam
    3. Aspect
    4. Aspect (Tranquil Remix)
    5. Cells
    6. Cells (Subminimal Remix)
  • Tranquil was formed in 2012 by 3 friends who all shared a love for Jungle and Drum n Bass and since then they have released a couple of EP´s and their debut album “20 Years Too Late”, as well as appearing on compilation albums such as the Helga series from Möller Records and Icebreaker from Agatone Music

    Subminimal, a veteran in the Icelandic drum´n bass scene having released successful EP´s and his debut LP “Sinian” on various labels and done remixes for Samaris and Justice and Metro.

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Date: May 19, 2020