Nobody Just Ahead

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  • Following his successful debut LP album Mono Lisa Daveeth strikes again with edgy and acidy electronica, filled with organic beats and melodic synth lines.

    Album Credits

    All tracks written and produced by: Davíð Hólm Júlíusson except “Sóttsía” by Davíð Hólm Júlíusson and Þorgerður Anna Björnsdóttir
    Cover by: Davíð Hólm Júlíusson and Þorgerður Anna Björnsdóttir
    Mixed by: Davíð Hólm Júlíusson
    Mastered by: Davíð Hólm Júlíusson
    CAT: Helga065

  • Daveeth is the artist name of Davíð Hólm Júlíusson. He likes to use electronic devices to make toast but also music. Daveeth, as a young teenager in Akureyri who disliked music played with instruments, started making electronic music around 1997. With only a tracker and his big head full of creative energy and experimental thirst, he was headed down a path of gear obsession and madness. His music is filled with interesting beats and melodic synth lines, creating a diverse range of tracks, with no set rules or genres.


    Möllerrecords vefur | https://mollerrecords.com
    BANDCAMP | https://daveeth.bandcamp.com
    Soundcloud | https://soundcloud.com/daveeth
    Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/DaveethMusic

Date: July 07, 2017