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  • Toqqissivoq was recorded on a beautiful afternoon in april 2017 in Sisimiut, Greenland. It was recorded in one take on two track tape, completely improvised and executed on the setting by the four musicians. The title, meaning “being calm” in greenlandish, captures perfectly the atmosphere of the unique place and specific time where it took place. A joint venture by fellow icelandic acts and friends Stereo Hypnosis and Futuregrapher, and their first collaboration to date although their paths have crossed previously in numerous concerts and festivals.

    Album Credits

    Written, mixed and produced by: Stereo Hypnosis & Futuregrapher
    Cover by: Greta Þorkelsdóttir
    Mastered by: Frosti Jónsson
    Released dags/mán/ár: 060717
    (c) Möller Records 2017
    CAT: Helga064

  • Stereo Hypnosis was formed in 2006 by Pan and Óskar Thorarensen and joined in 2013 by composer and guitarist Þorkell Atlason. Stereo Hypnosis has released 5 albums to critical acclaim to date and has toured extensively on both sides of the Atlantic. Their music is defined as ambient organic, serene and downtempo.
    Pan Thorarensen has also released acclaimed albums under the pseudonym Beatmakin Troopa, and he is the main organiser of the Extreme Chill Festival, now in its eight year. Óskar, artist and musician, founded the music and performance group Inferno 5 in the eighties and is known for his innovative drawings and cartoons as well. Þorkell Atlason is classically trained guitarist and composer and his works have been performed widely across Europe and America. He also a member of the composers society S.L.Á.T.U.R.

    Árni Grétar (born 6 December 1983), best known under the pseudonym Futuregrapher, is an electronic musician described by Grapevine magazine in 2009 as “fucking brilliant”. He runs the record label Möller Records with fellow musicians Bistro Boy and Steve Sampling. Released two critical acclaimed albums; ‘LP’ in 2012 and ‘Skynvera’ in 2014. Futuregrapher has made remixes for many artists; Mick Chillage Ghostigital, Samaris and Ruxpin (to name a few). Live events all around Iceland – and has toured in both N-America and Europe. Worked and made music with many artists; Japanese sound artist Gallery Six, techno producer Árni Vector, cellist Veroníque Vaka, pop-maniac Borko, Icelandic composer Jón Ólafsson and artist Snorri Ásmundsson.



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