Zebra – Cube

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  • About the album: ‘Zebra / Cube was born when Ísar Logi – a.k.a. Cold— told his friend Futuregrapher to write a six minute track inspired by an image of a cube he posted online. Futuregrapher asked him to do the same and voila! – the next day the pair had two inspiring tracks which they thought would be an ideal split release. It’s the perfect record for your trippy afternoon or with your late-night snacks!

    Album Credits

    Written and produced by: Ísar Logi Arnarsson (Zebra) og Árni Grétar (Cube)
    Art by: Árni Grétar
    Mastered by: Frosti Jonsson
    CAT Nr. Helga078
    Released 20/August/2018
    (c) Möller Records 2018


    A Side: Cold – Zebra
    B Side: Futuregrapher – Cube

  • Cold: Ísar Logi Arnarsson, better known as Cold, garnered widespread attention in the mid 90’s with his track ‘Strobelight Network’ on Thule Records, championed by Sven Väth as his closing record at Love Parade in Berlin ‘95. The signature sounds of Cold are playful tribal grooves, ruff basslines and atmospheric sounds. He tries hard not to be limited to any specific formulas and manages in that way to successfully create his own distinctive sound. Constantly evolving his production skills and questioning the things around him.

    Futuregrapher: Árni Grétar, best known under the pseudonym Futuregrapher, is an electronic musician and has in the past decade made consistent contributions to Iceland’s music scene, ranging from unbound ambient music to accelerating techno and beyond. He founded the record label Möller Records in 2011 with Jóhann Ómarsson (aka Skurken). His sound can be described as ambient techno, but he is also known for making acid, drum & bass and ambient. Most notable works are his critical acclaimed albums Hrafnagil and Eitt (his collaboration with pianist and composer Jón Ólafsson).

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    © Möller Records 2018


Date: August 20, 2018